5 Reasons To Buy A Balcony Glass Balustrade


For individuals thinking about renovating their home, a balcony glass balustrade can be a sleek and stylish feature that enhances the look of the property and delivers great functional benefits. Framed glass balustrades and frameless glass balustrades are a great way to excite your guests. They create sleek vectors that catch the eye, are environmentally friendly, open up interior spaces and are incredibly durable.

1.      Glass Balcony Balustrades Are Attractive

Any homeowner would agree that renovating is completely pointless unless you are pleased with the final look of the work. With balcony glass balustrades, you get sleek function; namely, protection from falls, as well as a sparkling aesthetic that complements most other interior materials. Steel and glass complement most construction materials, especially brick, wood and glass. GM Fabrication supplies a range of different balustrade designs and guarantee we can enhance the beauty of any home during renovations.

2.      Glass Balustrade Balconies Are Environmentally Friendly

Glass is a 100% recyclable material. Glass production requires little greenhouse gas emission and the material is completely recyclable. When you renovate with a balcony glass balustrade you broadcast beauty and environmental sustainability to the occupants of your home and guests alike.

3.      Light and Space Become More Available

By employing glass balcony balustrades during renovation you create the illusion of more space within your home. The illusion of extra space becomes evident due to the contrast between the outline of the balustrade and the area behind it: they eye has two focal points and the brain interprets this as a larger space. Allowing light to pass through a balustrade creates a light, weightless feeling and contributes to the illusion of additional space. You may even add a few house plants around your glass balcony balustrade to make sure they receive plenty of sun.

4.      Glass Balustrades Are Durable and Strong

While regular glass is quite brittle and is liable to suffer damage in the event of contact with a projectile or human body in motion, tempered glass used in the construction of glass balustrades is incredibly strong and will remain in good condition proceeding all but the largest impacts. Even if balustrades are subject to enormous force, they will not shatter, but will instead stick to the frame which provides additional safety. Glass balustrades manufactured by GM Fabrication are scratch resistant and very durable. They will last for many years before any replacements are needed.

5.      Maintenance of Balcony Glass Balustrades Is Easy

Again, unless subject to enormous force, glass balustrades are incredibly easy to maintain. Cleaning can be done quickly and easily using standard spray and wipe techniques. Scratches, when present, can be filled in using special sealant available for an affordable price from Bunnings.

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