Increase Your Home Value with Glass Pool Fencings


Pools can be a great addition to any contemporary house. Having a pool allows homeowners to enjoy quality time with family members and friends. Though installation of pools is an expensive affair, homeowners can expect a healthy return on their investment at a…

An Overview of the Properties and Applications of Tempered Glass


Also known as toughened glass and safety glass, tempered glass is a material with significantly higher strength compared to traditional annealed glass. The higher strength of this type of glass can be attributed to its chemical or thermal treatment. Tempering of glass leaves…

Properties of Glass to be considered before Glass Fabrication


Glass has always been one of the most critical materials for the development of today’s modern civilisation. It has a wide range of important applications in industry, science, home, work, play, art, and many other aspects of life.  Many items of regular use in…

Why Consider Glass Pool Fence Installation


If you own a pool in your backyard, pool fence installation is a legal requirement. Pool fence installation ensures children and pets cannot fall into the water and become stuck when they are unsupervised. The consequences of this happening can be disastrous. There…

5 Reasons To Buy A Balcony Glass Balustrade


For individuals thinking about renovating their home, a balcony glass balustrade can be a sleek and stylish feature that enhances the look of the property and delivers great functional benefits. Framed glass balustrades and frameless glass balustrades are a great way to excite…

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