No matter which side of Caringbah you live on; Miranda or Cronulla, you can benefit from knowing there is a local balustrading service available now. If you are in the market for renovations, contact us to schedule an appointment at your home in Caringbah. It takes one look at our website to learn we have more than 40 years of experience working with custom balustrading for stairs and balconies. It’s this experience and our commitment to manufacturing and supplying custom fabrication which makes us the ideal choice for Caringbah residents looking to upgrade.

Enhance your home with specially crafted balcony and stair balustrades manufactured locally in the Illawarra. You can easily achieve a custom home aesthetic by enhancing your balustrades with a new design from GM Fabrication. A new balustrade becomes the centrepiece of your home and draws the attention of visitors when they enter. Depending on the design you choose, you can easily achieve a flowing, aerial effect or a sturdy, charismatic style. In any case, work completed by GM Fabrication always looks good and effectively enhances your home.

When you call our friendly sales team, they take a consultative approach to meeting your needs. We will question and listen effectively while you explain what renovations you need done at your site. Our commitment to customer care is another one of our reasons for excellence. You won’t feel overwhelmed with over-familiar dialogue when you speak to our team. Instead, you will be gently guided through the process of choosing a design from our extensive catalogue and finding time for a site inspection and installation. If you have any questions during your first call, we always endeavor to answer them as best we can.

Call GM Fabrication today for a quote on your next balustrading project in Caringbah. We are eager to take your call and look forward to speaking to you soon.

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