Why Consider Glass Pool Fence Installation


If you own a pool in your backyard, pool fence installation is a legal requirement. Pool fence installation ensures children and pets cannot fall into the water and become stuck when they are unsupervised. The consequences of this happening can be disastrous. There is great variety in the materials that may be used as pool fencing. Some materials may be more appropriate to use than others depending on the style of your house and backyard. For the best value, glass pool fencing can be used during pool fence installation. Glass pool fencing is a sleek asset that can complement the aesthetic value of your house and backyard. Installing glass pool fencing will also keep your little ones safe.

Three Primary Considerations

Location of the Pool

If your house is in a coastal area or sits atop a hill, you probably experience frequent winds that may make swimming unpleasant. Whereas traditional steel fencing contains holes which can let in the wind and ruin your aquatic leisure time, glass pool fencing effectively blocks the wind from entering the pool area. This lets you enjoy the water for longer, especially during Summer when the weather is hot.

Pool Gate

In contrast to the previous paragraph, glass pool gates will often blow shut when its windy because the panels catch the wind. Due to this fact, you will have to carefully consider where to place your pool gate to avoid gusty weather. Try to position your gate in the most sheltered zone of your pool area and angle it so that even when it is open it doesn’t catch the full force of the wind.

Pool Size

Glass fencing (and balustrading) provides the illusion of more space due to its transparent quality which refracts light. By providing a clear picture of the garden and backyard areas surrounding your pool, glass pool fencing opens up the view and gives a strong impression of open space. While this is an ideal outcome for pools of any size, this property of glass pool fencing is especially appealing if your backyard is smaller than average.

Other Benefits Of Glass Pool Fencing


Because glass pool fencing is made up of panels of glass, rather than steel or aluminium bars, it’s much harder for children and animals to attempt to climb on top of it and risk becoming stuck. Climbing on pool fencing is a hazard in any case and can result in split chins, broken limbs and bruises which are a consequence of trips and falls when things are wet and slippery. Glass pool fencing in contrast is incredibly tough to climb.


The process of cleaning older pool fences made of steel or aluminium bars is long and laborious. Getting in between the bars with a cloth and soap takes a very long time under regular circumstances. In contrast, glass panels can simply be sprayed with a cleaning agent and wiped down. This process doesn’t take very long at all. Even scratches to the glass can be easily repaired with some polish available from Bunnings.

Flexible Design

There is a vast plethora of glass pool fence styles to choose from. The primary categories are framed, semi-framed and frameless. Each has unique qualities and can contribute significant aesthetic value to your house and backyard.

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