Change the look of your home with the right handrail.

GM Fabrication offers a diverse range of products designed for your budget and needs. Whatever you are looking for, our hand rails are sure to give you the assurance you need. They come in various sizes with both fixed and adjustable options, as well as optional features such as cross bars, pads, or railings on every side to fit any home owner’s unique style and decoration preferences. Made from quality material that is strong enough to handle someone hanging onto it with a lot of weight if needed, these products will fulfill all kinds of tasks whether aesthetic or practical!

Selecting the right handrail for your home or apartment is really important. Often a staircase is a central and prominent structure and it can become an attractive focal point with the right design. Handrail, otherwise known as balustrade, can be manufactured to meet your requirements. GM Fabrication supply a wide variety of designs. From innovative and modern glass stainless steel and glass, to powerdercoated aluminium traditional designs.

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As well as our wide range and innovative designs we offer experienced and skilled manufacturers and installers. We’ll help you find a solution which not only meets the safety requirements but also fits the style and design of the home.