Pool Fencing

You want your pool area to look fantastic but it also needs to be safe. With GM Fabrication’s range of pool fencing and gates, you get both.

Providing a safe pool area for your family and friends by installing a high quality pool fence. Our high quality pool fencing options are superior in strength and design, and can be frameless or semi-frameless glass or the cost effective aluminium tubular pool fencing. All fencing is secured with self-closing gates and locks to ensure your pool area meets Australian safety standards.


The ultimate in contemporary pool fencing design, our frameless glass pool fencing offers an eye-catching design feature that adds value to your home. They also make your backyard feel bigger, with uninterrupted views of your pool and surroundings.


Semi-frameless glass pool fencing still has the benefits of an unobstructed view (similar to the frameless option) whilst being more cost effective. Glass panels are installed between aluminium or stainless steel upright posts which are fixed your concrete, tiles or timber decking. The glass panels slot in to the side of the posts and are secured with glazing rubber to fix the panels in place.

Aluminium tubular

Aluminium tubular pool fencing is the most cost effective pool fencing solution that meets Australian pool fencing standards. Offering lightweight, easy to install panels that available in vertical or horizontal slats.

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